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Ultimate Racing Mast (AW 7095) #2,0mm - Black Set Ultimate Racing Mast (AW 7075) #1,9mm…

385,61 €

Optimast Red Flex

RED FLEX set need to arise, because it is an important linkbetween all of our sailing…

511,43 €

Optimast Red

This sailing regatta spar set was derived from experiments and tests. It is more resilient…

517,52 €

Optimast Black

This is a sailing regatta mast set dedicated to sailors of heavier weight, with very…

527,67 €

Optimast Blue

It is still unknown design of a thin walled pipe made of AW 7020 alloy. The lightest…

497,23 €


BLACK Sprit (AW 7025) ø 28mm #1,4mm RED Sprit (AW7095) ø 26mm #1,3mm RED Flex Sprit…

97,42 €


Ultimate Racing Boom 45mm (AW 7095) #1,5mm - Black Set Ultimate Racing Boom 45mm (AW…

111,62 €