Optimast Blue

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It is still unknown design of a thin walled pipe made of AW 7020 alloy. The lightest on the market mast for regatta course. Light weight and its high elasticity material perfectly conveys the dynamism of the sail on hull, under conditions of wesk wind farms. However, with a strong wind sailors with low weight can ballast dinghy much easier. This spar set is dedicated for short, irregular waves.

BLUE mast weight: 1410 grams

Blue set contains:

Ultimate racing mast / AW 7020 #1,5 mm - WZ-2100
Racing boom 40 mm / AW 7020 #1,5 mm - WZ-2200
Sprit 26 mm / AW 7025 #1,2 mm - WZ-2300
Racing boom 40 mm / AW 8010 #1.1 mm - (OPTION) WZ-2400

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