Optimast Red Flex

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RED FLEX set need to arise, because it is an important link
between all of our sailing sets. We noticed that most of the
coaches selects sets of spring with a larger arrow deflection and
low weight. On the basis of experience, a set of RED FLEX filling
the space between the mast BLUE and RED. This option is optimal
for the sailors sailing on the open water with more waves. This set is
very dynamic. There is no equivalent in the other spars produced in
the world sets.

RED FLEX mast weight: 1620 grams

Red Flex set contains:

  • Ultimate racing mast / AW 7025 #1,8 mm - WZ-5100
  • Ultimate racing boom 40 mm / AW 7075 #1,5 mm - WZ-5200
  • Sprit 26 mm / AW 7075 1,2 mm - WZ-5300
  • Racing boom 45 mm / AW 7075 #1, 5 mm - (OPTION) WZ-5400
  • Racing boom 40 mm / AW 8010 #1, 3 mm - (OPTION) WZ-5500
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