EX2044 – Economy bottom cover for Laser® and ILCA®

Economy bottom cover for the Laser® and ILCA® sailboat made of 600D PU coated polyest

177,85 €

EX2050 – Foil bag for Laser® and ILCA®

Heavily padded foil bag. Separate compartments for rudder, daggerboard, tiller and a

80,26 €

EX2046 – 420 top cover Windesign Sailing

420 top cover, made of heavy duty, long lasting 1680D polyester/pvc. 100% water resis

334,44 €

EX2048 – 420 bottom cover Windesign Sailing

420 bottom cover, made of strong, yet flexible, 600D polyester PU coated. Color: grey

238,88 €

EX3025 – 420 mast cover Windesign Sailing

Fully padded 420 mast cover. Tapered towards the top with reinforced openings for hou

161,62 €

EX3026 – 420 boom cover Windesign Sailing

Fully padded 420 boom cover. Same construction as the mast cover. Including 120 cm lo

89,41 €

EX3027 – 420 rudder cover Windesign Sailing

Fully padded 420 rudder cover. Protects your expensive foils when on shore and during

60,48 €

EX3028 – 420 daggerboard cover Windesign Sailing

Fully padded 420 daggerboard cover. Protects your expensive foils when on shore and d

84,88 €

EX1082 – Optimist Economy top cover Optiparts

Affordable cover made of strong and flexible solution dyed PVC coated polyester. 100%

96,06 €

EX12961 – 2-way link for ratchet blocks

2 way link, can be used on EX1295 and EX1299 ratchet blocks.

8,63 €

EX1091 – Optimist breathable bottom cover Optiparts

Durable bottom cover made of Moistureguard 2000. Quick and easy to install with a 6 m

197,11 €

EX1091S – Optimist economy bottom cover Optiparts

Affordable bottom cover made of 600D solution dyed polyester. Quick and easy to insta

118,88 €

EX1320 – 34mm standard block with becket

Standard blocks with stainless steel cheeks and nylon sheave. Sheave diameter 34 mm.

12,15 €

EX1095 – Optimist fully padded bottom cover Optiparts

This bottom cover provides the best possible protection during travel. Made of 420 PU

179,88 €

EX1321 – Harken 40-29mm Optimist mainsheet link block with shackle

The Harken 40-29mm link block is the perfect solution for creating a 4:1 Optimist mai

74,16 €

Pro wind indicator Windesign Sailing

This windindicator from Windesign Sailing has a stronger vane-arm which is accurately

15,76 €

EX1325 – Fiddle block with 34mm sheave and becket

Plainbearing block with nylon cheeks and acetal sheaves. Lightweight, very affordable

10,68 €

EX1119 – Optimist rudder and daggerboard bag Optiparts

Constructed of 600 D Nylon, this Optimist blade bag is made to last long. With 3 comp

67,60 €