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2018 Dame Design Award Winner

Rooster® Exofleece Top delivers a 100% neoprene-free solution specifically developed and tested for people with a neoprene allergy and sensitive skin. With all the necessary features and reinforcements to suit high performance dinghy sailing, this top provides the perfect solution.

The main material is a 1.2mm breathable and durable nylon based fabric with a PU membrane and a soft brushed fleece lining, which creates windproof protection, whilst regulating temperature and wicking away excess moisture from the skin. We have applied a durable water repellent treatment to the outer surface to minimise water absorption and reduce wind chill further.

Hi-stretch, naturally hydrophobic PolyproTM is used under the arms and at the cuffs to add comfort and breathability. Integrated cuff thumb loops extends protection over the wrists and facilitates effortless layering.

For extra warmth on those colder days, layer up with our PolyproTM Top!

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