Pro Plus Padded Toe strap 1050mm - Eye to Screw Fixing

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Rooster toestraps use a unique rubber compound that has a very high coefficient of friction, whilst also being light and durable. Our new Pro Plus Range has this rubber added to the bottom of our padded toestrap. Rooster Pro Plus Padded straps are super grippy with any make of boot - but they work specially well with our range of Rooster boots.

This toestrap measures 1050mm from the bearing surface of the eye to the very end of the webbing 'screw on plate' end. The pressed eye is ideal for attaching a suitable block or rope for the front adjustment.

At one end is a plain web so it can be screwed to an existing to plate fitting. There is enough webbing at this end to ‘double up’ the web material and then attach a toe plate fitting if this is preferred.


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