Side Zip Buoyancy Aid

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The side zip buoyancy aid has been innovated for fit and style. Longer and thinner, less bulk for better dexterity. Adjustable sides, shoulders and waist make for a form that can be altered to be suitable for any shape. The buoyancy foam stops at the waist, allowing for a full physcail range of movement with no restrictions, this has been replaced with a durable neoprene panel to increase comfort while seated. Despite its length, this buoyancy aid is rated ISO CE12402-5. 

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.


  • Side zip entry positioned forward for ease of use
  • Concealed adjustable sides and shoulders through webbing and buckle constructions - multi form fitting
  • Second adjustment strap at hem for further securement
  • Reflective panels
  • Large front pocket with internal mesh compartment
  • Soft panel at centre front to be trapeze hook friendly
  • Black neoprene panels for a smaller flattering appearance
  • Long thin fit
  • Leg straps on size Junior Small
  • Rated ISO CE12402-5


  • Heavy duty Ripstop nylon
  • Durable neoprene
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